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When I finally called Francesca (which I should have done much earlier than I did!), I was teetering on failing calculus, despite my keeping up with the material and attending every class. She was great! She met me where I was at, and supplemented my assignments with helpful advice and practice problems. I ended up acing the final and getting a B+. It was so worth it not to have to take summer school! Not to mention that Francesca is a totally easy-going and fun person to spend a couple hours with each week.

Amy B.

After transferring schools for the third time I was having trouble with the curriculum change in my Chemistry class. I contacted Francesca, and she has helped me learn the concepts I had missed, and new material from my class. With good teaching techniques, Francesca has helped me bridge the gap between my previous Chemistry Class and my new class.

Brandon G.

When I first met Francesca I had an F in algebra and now I have an A. I like coming to Francesca's tutoring because I have fun and I learn a lot.

Murad W.

After getting an F on my AP chem final, my parents were about ready to kill me, so I started looking for a tutor right away. When I first met Francesca and told her about my debacle with AP chem during the first semester, she was nothing but encouraging and told me I could still earn a good grade on the AP test if I tried. Francesca has not only helped me with chem, but she is also a great person to talk to about anything and everything. Now I have the highest grade in my class and people are asking me when I got so smart!

Annie P.

You're great! The tutoring sessions with you were extremely helpful. Not only have I received A's in class, but I also improved on my general study skills, reading, English composition, and test taking. Thank you so much!

Mike N.

I came to Francesca with a B- in my AP Calculus class and no clue what my teacher was talking about. We clicked instantly, and thanks to her ability to analyze and explain the material in a way that made sense to me, I finished the trimester with an A+!

Ellen P.

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